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Intelicare specify, supply, install and maintain products and services in the UK and Ireland on behalf of our European partners.

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Expertise that is technically based, not commercially driven

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From conception through to commissioning and production start-up

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The most cost-effective way of optimising equipment and maintaining efficiency

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For all the equipment we provide, we aim to resolve any issue as quickly as possible

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Technical Director

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Temperature control and materials handling, planned and unplanned maintenance

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Finance and logistics

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Extrusion lines and downstream equipment

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Our Suppliers

We’re proud of having worked with the same suppliers for years, and we pass the benefits of these relationships on to you. We like to think it says a lot about the way we deal with people and companies – for us, it’s not just about the quick sell, it’s about forging partnerships and lasting impressions, especially as most of our work comes from repeat orders and recommendations. Practically, this means we know a lot about our products and how you can get the best from them, which allows us to provide seamless aftersales care.

Since the 70s, Frigosystem Corema have been synonymous with efficient and reliable industrial chillers and temperature control equipment for a variety of manufacturing processes. Now the go-to supplier in cooling for extrusion, Frigosystem have a range of chiller units exclusively for blown film extrusion which are specified by OEMs including Alpine and Macchi.

Bausano logo

A family company that has been designing and manufacturing extrusion lines for plastics processing for more than 70 years. Since 1946 Bausano’s focus has remained the same: quality, flexibility and attention to the customer, with a range of extrusion lines for a variety of applications, including a patented and revolutionary multidrive system. Bausano are your extrusion allies.

Manufacturers of equipment for thermosetting resins in cast and injection applications. Process capabilities include one component bonding, electronic encapsulation, RTM injection and infusion.

With clients worldwide from Negri Bossi to Samsung, New Omap have been supplying unrivalled ancillary equipment for plastics processing for more than 40 years – and all the expertise that comes with it.

Our history

From humble service beginnings to complete extrusion lines, chillers and composite equipment for research and development (and everything in between).

  • 1980's/1990's

    It starts with Phil

    Phil is an engineer with more experience in the plastics industry than he’d care to mention. He’d have been the engineer driving round the country, clambering over injection moulding machines covered in oil, fixing, mending and recommending.

  • 2001


    After encouragement from customers, Phil decided to go it alone and took the plunge in 2001, setting up Intelicare as an independent service company.

  • 2001

    New Omap

    After requests from customers, Intelicare start to supply ancillary equipment from New Omap alongside regular service work.

  • 2005

    Frigosystem Corema

    Intelicare enter into partnership with Frigosystem Corema, supplying industrial chillers and temperature control equipment in the UK & Ireland.

  • 2007


    Intelicare branches out into heated platen presses designed for testing composite materials in research and industry.

  • 2016

    Composites Division

    Intelicare acquires new suppliers PEI and Isojet Equipements and forms its own in-house composites division headed by Gerald Richards. From presses and composite ovens to RTM resin injection equipment, Intelicare expands its client base with universities and cutting-edge research facilities.

  • 2019


    Intelicare goes into partnership with Bausano & Figli. From pipes and profiles, to medical, WPC and recycling, Bausano have been designing and producing extrusion lines since 1946. Bausano not only perfectly compliment Intelicare’s existing portfolio, but push it into exciting new territories, including recycling projects to help clean the world’s oceans.

  • 2021

    Celebrating 20 Years

    Intelicare has seen a lot of development in 20 years. What started with one man servicing equipment across the country, has grown into a team of industrial equipment supply and UK manufacturing specialists.

Made to measure

No off-the-shelf stuff here. All of our equipment is custom built to your requirements, for products as unique as your business.

Built to last

Our suppliers obsess over details for good reason. So whether it’s the smallest thermocouple on a twin-screw extruder or the largest condenser on a TurboCor chiller, rest assured that each component part is expertly selected based on exactly what you need.


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Customers choose us every day because of our quality equipment from global suppliers, responsive service work and competitive prices.