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Advancing Research Excellence at the University of Bath with the LabTop 150 from Fontijne Presses

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The University of Bath’s Chemistry Department is renowned for its cutting-edge research in the field of polymer science and sustainable materials. In pursuit of advancing their research capabilities, the department recently acquired a LabTop 150 press from Fontijne Presses. This acquisition, expertly facilitated by Intelicare, promises to elevate the department’s capabilities in quality control and research and development (R&D) applications.

University of Bath

LabTop 150: Automation and Precision Redefined

LabTop Sample 2

Fontijne Presses’ LabTop series, available with a press range of 150 or 300 kN, represents a significant leap forward in laboratory hydraulic presses. It successfully combines the compact design of manually operated LabManual machines with the advanced ProView control system used in the LabEcon and LabPro series. The LabTop series is celebrated for its impeccable pressing quality, establishing it as the preferred choice for sample preparation in quality control and R&D.

With a pressing force of up to 150 kN at 300°C, the LabTop 150 guarantees precise and consistent results, setting a new standard in laboratory automation. Its compact footprint and 230V connection make it a versatile addition to any laboratory setting, aligning seamlessly with the University of Bath’s diverse research requirements.

LabTop protection

Safety and User-Friendly Design
Ergonomics and safety are at the forefront of the LabTop 150’s design. Lab technicians at the University of Bath will benefit from the press’s ergonomic layout and user-friendly touchscreen interface. In addition, the LabTop series incorporates multiple safety features, including a fixed upper platen, an emergency stop system, and a safety shield, ensuring that researchers can work with confidence and peace of mind.

ProView Control System: Precision at Your Fingertips
The LabTop 150 is equipped with the ProView control system, featuring a generous 15-inch touchscreen interface for temperature, and closing force control. This intuitive system not only provides a clear view of the press’s settings and progress but also enhances user comfort and control. The standout feature is the automatic venting system/degassing stroke, simplifying venting by automatically opening and closing the press after a predefined time, optimising efficiency.

A Catalyst for Research Excellence
Researchers at the University of Bath now have access to a versatile, automated hydraulic press that delivers unparalleled precision and consistency. Whether the focus is on quality control testing or pioneering R&D projects, the LabTop 150 is a trusted partner in achieving research milestones.

The Institute for Sustainability looks forward to harnessing the capabilities of the LabTop 150 to advance their research initiatives, particularly in the fields of material science and polymer research. The University will also benefit from Intelicare’s expert servicing and maintenance carried out by a UK based engineer. This strategic investment reflects the university’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and fostering innovation in the realm of chemistry.

Fontijne Presses and Your Project
Intelicare are exclusive partners for Fontijne Presses in the UK and Ireland. Whether you are looking to batch test, start a new venture, or to upgrade your current equipment, contact presses@intelicare.co.uk or call 07815921951 to start the conversation.

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