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Large blown film manufacturer in the south of England increases capacity with KITE DEX cooling system


A large blown film manufacturer based in the south of England has invested in their second specialised Frigosystem cooling system.

The system, patented by Frigosystem, is a standalone water-cooled air chiller called KITE DEX. KITE DEX provides accurately controlled chilled air for the IBC and air ring of the blown film line and has many advantages over a standard centralised chiller. Being water-cooled, KITE DEX use water condensed by a dry cooler, meaning the units can accept water up to 45˚C and remain efficient all year round, even on the hottest summer days. This system also allows free cooling in favourable ambient conditions, bypassing the energy intensive compressors and leading to significant utility savings.

In this configuration, KITE DEX units can be placed next to the blown film line, reducing expensive pipework installations. Furthermore, as the water from the dry cooler is cool and not chilled, there is no risk of condensation from the pipes coming from the condensing source (dry cooler), with further significant savings made as these pipes do not require insulation.

Frigosystem’s unique design features also help ensure a stable air bubble temperature and zero risk of freezing the condenser coils.

As each blown film line has a dedicated KITE DEX unit, this system is much more reliable than a centralised chiller, where multiple blown film lines precariously rely on a single source of chilled water.

In addition to reducing pipework installation costs, eliminating condensation, and being more reliable, the system’s other benefit over a standard chiller set-up is the reduced running costs. As the system can accept process water up to 45˚C, the KITE DEX consumes less electricity resulting in significant energy savings. Utilities can also be separated from the air ring and IBC cooling in this configuration.



a standalone unit to produce chilled air for blown film applications. Main features include:

  • Ecological refrigerant gas R410a, proven to reduce energy consumption
  • Water droplet separator – less risk of moisture in the bubble
  • Inlet filter: less risk of atmospheric debris in the bubble
  • Unique water/air cooling system without inverter control. This allows high efficiency of air temperature control from 0-100%, without losses in efficiency and zero risk of freezing condenser coils.

Dry coolers

2 x dry coolers sized for the KITE DEX unit, including hydronic pump group (2 working and 1 in standby).

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All these unique features and benefits are the reason why Frigosystem’s cooling technology for blown film is specified by OEMs including Maachi and Alpine and end users around the world.

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