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Intelicare help boost expansion at Ezi-Dock

Ezi-Dock, based in Nottinghamshire, are an award-winning designer and manufacturer of world class industrial packaging used in the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries. With business booming, Ezi-Dock are expanding, with a suite of new machines. This expansion has been fuelled by a creative design approach and innovative products that set the pace within a burgeoning and competitive market.

In order to set themselves apart from the competition, Ezi-Dock have focussed on quality links in their supply chain, with Intelicare providing both the ancillary equipment and industrial chillers for a new clean room, to be housed within the brand-new production facility.

Intelicare provided:

  • Industrial chillers – water chillers for indoor and outdoor installations. Features include stainless steel water reservoirs, large surface air condensers, process circuits with thermal insulation and centrifugal pumps, enabling reliable and accurate temperature control.
  • Hot air dryers – trolley mounted dryers for non-hydropscopic materials. Features include a stainless steel, fully insulated drying hopper, a built in hot-air diffuser cone and a range of energy saving features.
  • Masterbatch/volumetric dosers – features include an inclined metering screw, a water-cooled barrel, and a brushless DC motor.
  • Hopper loaders
  • Conveyors

Why Intelicare?

Pete, Ezi-Dock’s clean room mould shop manager, said: “What’s the saying, ‘buy cheap, buy twice?' Having worked with Intelicare for several years, they may not be the cheapest supplier in the market, but the quality of their products and the service they provide is second-to-none. When I’ve just needed some helpful advice, they have always gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Even in some cases where the helpful advice isn’t necessarily related to any of their product range.”

What next?

With the new production facility up and running, Intelicare will install and commission all the equipment - including all stainless-steel pipework - as well as continue to provide aftersales care and regular service visits with planned maintenance. We’ll always be there to help our customers get the best out of their equipment, even beyond the usual warranty.

Intelicare do this every day for customers up and down the country. It’s simple - we’re not about the hard sell, peddling unnecessary equipment. We listen and provide quality equipment with second-to-none servicing and competitive prices. It’s a formula that’s kept our customers happy for almost 20 years, and we’re ready to do it for you too.


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