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Manuplas Increase Cooling Capacity with Frigosystem Chiller

Intelicare have recently completed installation of a brand new Frigosystem chiller at Manuplas, part of Advanced Insulation. Advanced Insulation are a global leader in the engineering, manufacture and application of insulation and passive fire protection systems to the oil and gas industry, with Manuplas providing the marine subset of equipment.

Manuplas needed to upgrade an existing chiller to one with a higher spec. The aim was to have increased cooling capacities for the injection moulding cell, which would allow them to run with shorter cycle times.

What happened?

Intelicare and Frigosystem technicians worked to size a suitable chiller and pump that would provide chilled water for Manuplas to increase their production rates. Intelicare also sized and then installed an ABS welded pipe system between the new location of the chiller and the existing moulding machines.

InteliCare technical director Phil, said: “The chiller is a Frigosystem RACA Plus Energy, supplied with a high output pump allowing improved water flow and heat removal at the moulds. An automatic bypass valve will allow the chiller to operate without the risk of flow alarms, regardless of the number of process water circuits being operated. The RACA Plus Energy is a popular chiller among our customers: it’s reliable, efficient and can be easily customised, all without breaking the bank.”

Industrial water chiller

Integral to the chiller installation is Frigosystem’s FSi-Link. This is a remote, wireless monitoring and supervision system, which allows the customer to monitor and edit chiller parameters and alarms, as well as enabling Intelicare and Frigosystem technicians to identify and address any potential issues before they become a concern.

Intelicare also installed a stainless-steel dosing pot. As the chiller is working on a closed, pressurised loop, the dosing pot will allow additives to be added without the risk of de-pressurising the system.

Why Intelicare?

Manuplas’ Production Engineer, Andy, said: “Intelicare have previously installed equipment for us when commissioning the new injection moulding cell, which we were completely happy with both in terms of the work and their professionalism.”

How did we help?

Intelicare analysed current machinery and production and an order for a chiller was placed. Cue Frigosystem, renowned for their design and build facility, who then pored over the details and manufactured the chiller to Manuplas’ exact requirements, ensuring its performance now and in the future.

Andy: “Intelicare were fundamental in taking all the variables and specifications from our system and designing the correct size chiller to cope with our demand.”

Industrial water chiller

What next?

Intelicare will continue to supervise and monitor the chiller via the FS-I link system, as well as providing seamless after sales care and technical support when necessary. What’s more, our close ties with Frigosystem will allow us to help Manuplas get the best performance out of their chiller.


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