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A Revolutionary Method for Plastics Recycling

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Bausano EGO R

Bausano Method

Why Choose Bausano for Plastics Recycling?

Since 1946, Bausano have been chosen by manufacturers around the world for their ability to customise each line to meet the exact specifications of their customers. The Bausano E-GO R series single screw extrusion and pelletizing system is a specialized and reliable system, suitable for recycling and re-pelletizing plastic scrap. It combines the function of plasticization and pelletizing into one step and is ideal for crushed regrinds or flakes of PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP.

The key benefit of choosing Bausano is customisation. They offer expertise and knowledge, collaborating closely with you, ensuring a teamwork approach that helps create a project perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Extrusion is Essential

The MD Twin Screw Extruder Series, and the E-GO R Single Screw Extruder Series are recycling and pelletizing systems with optimised L/D ratio, filtering ahead of vacuum degassing, specially suited to waste plastics such as highly contaminated and heavily printed waste.

Final productions from Bausano extrusion lines are in the form of pellets/ granules, and can be directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion and injection moulding, and many other uses.

The Benefits of Bausano

  • The extruders can be equipped with different material feeding systems, according to the specific characteristics of the same
  • The cutter compactor ensures size reduction, compaction, and pre-drying of the material
  • The heated material is melted and homogenised in the extruder
  • Single or double degassing systems remove volatile components in the melt flow
  • The melt is cleaned, depending on the application and customer request, with a standard screen changer or high-performance melt filter
  • A pelletization unit at the end of the recycling process produces uniform recycling pellets

Want to know more?
Intelicare are the exclusive partner for Bausano in the UK and Ireland. When you invest in a Bausano extruder, you are investing in more than 100 years of experience, alongside UK based project management and aftercare. Request a technical brochure below or email paul@intelicare.co.uk to start discussing your project. You can check out the full Bausano range, and don’t forget to follow Intelicare on LinkedIn.

Bausano Recycling