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Are you getting the most from your extrusion line?

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Bausano Twin Screw Extruder with multidrive system

The right extrusion line can boost production and efficiency, increase final product quality and enable customers to focus on the business rather than worrying about downtime and replacement parts. Here we look at the five most important factors to consider when choosing an extrusion line.

Number 1

The screws are without a doubt the single most important factor for the entire extrusion line. The geometry of the screw is essential to optimise production in terms of final product quality, energy saving potential and longevity of components. Bausano have dedicated an entire department and specialist team to studying customer formulations and materials, which inform final screw geometries.

Number 2

Customers deserve reliable extrusion lines and robust components, which leads to reduced downtime, saves money on spare parts and increases confidence. Bausano developed the worldwide patented multi-drive system, a unique gearbox for twin-screw extruders ,for this reason. Instead of 1 motor, the multi-drive system uses 4 motors to evenly share the torsional effort, eliminating stress on the control shaft.

Number 3

Energy Savings
Electrical consumption poses a serious challenge, especially with recent increases in energy costs. To reduce energy consumption, Bausano can individually tailor screws to each customer request. Customers can also choose Bausano’s Smart Energy Induction System. This barrel heating system uses electromagnetic induction to provide a tighter temperature control of material within the barrel and has a 50% faster heat up time than traditional ceramic heater bands. This option is 35% more energy efficient than traditional heaters.

Number 4

Excellent equipment must be backed up with excellent service. Bausano can provide engineers and work in collaboration with Intelicare for UK based service support. There is also Orquestra, Bausano’s in-house developed Industry 4.0 software for predictive maintenance, and augmented reality apps for remote support. Furthermore, Bausano host a huge number of spare parts, available for immediate dispatch.

Number 5

Customers should feel confident that the extrusion line will perform to the best of its ability and will be fully supported with servicing and spare parts. With Bausano, nothing is left to chance; all critical components are designed and made in-house, and Bausano extrusion lines can be customised to individual customer’s exact requirements. Bausano extrusion lines are also tested prior to delivery in a dedicated part of the factory. Bausano and Intelicare understand the importance of service work (Intelicare came from a service background), so all lines are supported with the utmost priority.

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