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Bausano Recycling Lines now on PlastikCity

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Bausano on PlastikCity

Bausano recycling lines

Bausano have been an approved PlastikCity partner since joining forces with Intelicare in 2019, however, with recycling lines a priority for Bausano, and an increase in demand within the plastics industry, we are delighted that Bausano are now listed as recycling extrusion line suppliers on the PlastikCity directory.

Manufacturers looking for a reliable recycling line supplier will now be able to find further details of the Bausano plastics recycling products range, specialist areas, development facilities, and what additional services Bausano and Intelicare provide in the UK and Ireland.

Visit Bausano Recycling Lines on PlastikCity

Bausano, in partnership with Intelicare in the UK & Ireland, is a family company designing and producing innovative extrusion and recycling lines for plastics processing. For more than 70 years, Bausano have continually pursued new technology and put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Bausano have developed two recycling and pelletising systems with optimised L/D ratio, and filtering ahead of vacuum degassing, especially suited to waste plastics such as highly contaminated and heavily printed recycling and pelletising:

MD Series for PVC Regranulation
Bausano designs and builds a plastic recycling extruder for PVC plastic material. As one of the most widely used polymers in the plastics industry, it also means that it is one of the most recycled.  Bausano’s MD Twin Screw Extruders are designed especially for PVC regranulation.

Bausano twin-screw extruders
Bausano EGO R

EGO R Series
The Bausano E-GO R series single screw extrusion and pelletising system is a specialised and reliable system, suitable for recycling and re-pelletising of polyolefins. It combines function of plasticisation and pelletising to one step and is ideal for crushed regrinds or flakes including PE, HDPE, LDPE and PP.


Bausano’s extrusion lines are unique because all critical components are designed and manufactured entirely in-house. This includes screws, barrels, gearboxes for twin-screw extruders, die-heads, and downstream equipment. With complete control over every aspect of the extrusion line, Bausano can create bespoke lines to meet the exact specifications of our customers.


The Bausano factory houses multiple state of the art facilities designed to make development a smooth process:

  • The Design Department – where individual projects take shape including the design of screws and other vital components.
  • The Production Department – where all the components, including the screw, barrel, and multi-drive system are manufactured from scratch – a process unique to Bausano!
  • The Assembly Room – where the extrusion lines begin to take shape.
  • The Test Room – demonstrates customer extrusion lines being set up and carefully tested prior to despatch. This room also houses the laboratory where customer material samples are analysed with a dedicated laboratory equipment and an expert team. This is a vital resource available to Bausano customers to help ensure customers get the exact equipment they need for their project.



Alongside their longstanding, exclusive partnership with Intelicare in the UK and Ireland, Bausano can offer:

  • Technical support
  • Project management
  • Spare Parts/ Aftermarket Sales
  • Servicing
  • Commissioning
  • Training

Whether you’re starting a new business, or looking for an upgrade, to discuss how Bausano and Intelicare can help you find the perfect, high-speed and energy efficient extrusion line, contact us on +44 (0) 7815 921 951, at  paul@intelicare.co.uk, or use the form below.

Intelicare are representatives for Bausano in the UK and Ireland. You can check out the full Bausano range, and don’t forget to follow Intelicare on LinkedIn.