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Bausano’s digital home gets a technological makeover

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Bausano Plastics Recycling

Intelicare partners, and extrusion experts, Bausano have now updated their website to include a brand new Technology section.

Visitors can now browse sections on Plastic Extrusion, Compounding, Food Extrusion, Co-Extrusion and Recycling, to understand the variety of manufacturing procedures that Bausano can assist with, and what makes them true extrusion allies.

Each page goes into detail, delivering useful knowledge for your projects and development plans.

Visit the Bausano Technology Section

Bausano have tried to make the user experience practical and pleasant, passing on their expertise through the subjects we have been dealing with for 70 years, supplying extrusion lines all over the world.

You will find insights into extrusion for the production of Exhaust Pipes, Telecommunication and Fibre Optic Pipes, Water and Gas Transport Pipes, Window and Technical Profiles, Compounds and Granules, Recycling of Post-Industrial Waste and Pet Food Extrusion.

The basic steps in the compounding process such as recipe determination, ratio of additives to polymer to be mixed, mixing, extrusion, cooling and pelletising.

Information on food extrusion, a well-established and highly versatile technique for the production of feed and nutritional additives.

All the advantages of coextrusion for the plastics and food industry as the use of different materials can give unique characteristics such as rigidity, heat sealing capacity, and impermeability.

And insights into how to reintroduce production waste into your process. Every year, more than 420 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide.

Bausano Smart Energy
A Bausano Employee demonstrate an extrusion line
Bausano cutter

Whether you’re starting a new business, or looking for an upgrade, to discuss how Bausano and Intelicare can help you find the perfect extrusion line, contact Paul at  paul@intelicare.co.uk

Intelicare are representatives for Bausano in the UK and Ireland. You can check out the full Bausano range, and don’t forget to follow Intelicare on LinkedIn.