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Are you interested in cutting production costs? Do you take your commitment to reducing your impact on the environment seriously? Would you like to know which beloved British sitcom keeps the Russians laughing? If your answer to any of those questions was ‘yes’ (of course it was) then read on to find out more.

We’ve just returned from Plast 2018 where we spent valuable time with our Italian partners Frigosystem and New Omap.  We have an excellent and longstanding relationship with both, professionally and personally, which has been nurtured for over 10 years now and delivers great benefits on a day-to-day basis.  It’s always great to see them and Plast is an ideal opportunity to meet up and share the odd glass of prosecco.

The most exciting news from Plast saw Frigosystem and New Omap unveiling new technologies and products. We will be detailing these over the coming weeks on our website, or you can visit www.frigosystem.it or www.newomap.it.

Frigosystem’s innovation emphasis was geared towards EcoDesign 20/20. This is a European directive requiring all chiller manufacturers to improve efficiency and reduce costs and noise.  This is a multi-layered legislation but Frigosystem have already taken the step of meeting the full 20/20 compliance.

One of their latest innovations was their chiller range H4F (Heating 4 Free). This is a chiller that can produce simultaneously chilled and hot water in two independent circuits. We will be publishing details of this exciting new development on our website soon.

Meanwhile, New Omap demonstrated their Nebula System of data collection.  This will allow New Omap equipment to interface with any industry 4.0 automation system.  Again, we’ll be publishing more on this soon on our website.

We look forward to sharing the latest innovations and products with you over the coming weeks.  Our partners are always striving to deliver the best products at great value that have tangible benefits to you, the customer.

To find out more, have a look at our website or give us a call on 01777 248777 or email sales@intelicare.co.uk.

(Exhibitions are hard work, even for the visitors, so it’s nice to be able to chat and socialise with our partners and other agents from around the world.  So, thanks to Ivan who informs us that it’s Fawlty Towers that keeps the Russians laughing!)