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Product Spotlight – New Omap Material Feeding Systems

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New Omap Central Feeding System

Welcome to Product Spotlight. We know there are many factors to consider when choosing your next bit of kit, and the aim of this series is to give you everything you need to make the most informed decision for your business. Whether you’re starting out, upgrading, or expanding, Intelicare can add value to your project, and we’re with you every step of the way from project management to UK based servicing and aftercare. Today we are taking a look at New Omap’s Material Feeding Systems.

Centralised Feeding System
A material feeding system is the process of automatically conveying raw material from a relatively central location (storage bags, drying hoppers, silos, wheelie bins – however you store material) to material receivers on processing machines via a series of pipes and valves. The entire process is controlled by a computer that knows which machine needs ‘feeding’ at any given moment and then conveys this material using nothing more than changes in air pressure.

Have the machines do all the hard work. When everything is automatic and able to be controlled at the touch of a button, the whole process is seamless. No more heavy lifting. No more spillages. No more waste. And if you’re worried about dust, the central filter and blower can be housed elsewhere.


Key Benefits

  • More economical
  • Safer
  • Increased productivity
  • More environmentally friendly
  • UK based commissioning and servicing from Intelicare specialists


Good to Know
Centralised Material Feeding SystemsNew Omap’s automated and centralised material feeding systems also come with the possibility for automatic and continuous treatment of granules, such as drying. The machines work  based on the ‘starvation’ method where each receiver is fed sequentially on demand.
We offer two distinct versions of automatic material feeding:
CHS300 – for up to 60 machines
Core8 – for up to 8 machines

The Core 8 is a great option for smaller installations at a much-reduced cost. Our Core 8 material feeding system is a three-phase loading system for up to a maximum of 8 receivers. Ideal for smaller installations or customers with a tight budget, Core 8 is designed to make life easier. It’s easy to install, maintain and control and it’s guaranteed to save you energy on your existing setup.

Automated and centralised material feeding systems. No more clutter, or bags of material scattered around in different places. Our systems also require less power, as there is typically only one, powerful motor, rather than many smaller units. There’s also far less ongoing maintenance, as everything is concentrated on the central filter and vacuum unit. There’s even the possibility of integrating the material data consumption, leading to automatic purchasing of material or maintenance scheduling.

Manufacturer Bio
With clients from Negri Bossi to Samsung, New Omap have more than 40 years’ experience in tweaking and perfecting its specialist range of ancillary products. The result is seamless installations and more reliable ancillary equipment – all designed to save you time and money.

The Intelicare central loading and drying has been an excellent investment. Material throughput per hour has increased, rejects have reduced, the finished product quality and appearance has improved significantly, and the workplace is permanently clean and tidy; fit for customer visits at any time. Intelicare provided us with high quality equipment and support us with an impressive after sales service. – Thysis Technical Mouldings

Want to know more?
Intelicare are the exclusive partner for New Omap in the UK and Ireland. When you invest in a New Omap product, you are also investing in UK based project management and aftercare. Request a technical brochure below or email technical@intelicare.co.uk to start discussing your project. You can check out the full New Omap range, and don’t forget to follow Intelicare on LinkedIn.