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Supplier Spotlight: ISOJET Equipments

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Intelicare only works with suppliers that share our core values of quality, innovation and excellence in aftercare. In our Supplier Spotlight series we are taking a deep dive into what makes our suppliers tick, why we work with them, and why you should consider them for your next project. Today we are taking a look at resin Injection/Infusion specialists, ISOJET Equipments.

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With over 25 years’ experience, ISOJET Equipments are one of Europe’s leading producers of resin dispensing equipment. Perfectly adapted for a variety of resin applications from RTM to potting and encapsulating, ISOJET custom build their equipment specifically for customer requirements.

injection RTM & infusion unit
ISOJET injection RTM & infusion unit

The solutions ISOJECT can offer in terms of machine and / or equipment include:

– Machine DPE – ECO: Machine dosing with gear pumps – 2 components – Economical version with limitation on tank capacities – Ideal for small series applications or small castings for RIM injection, RTM injection, Potting..

– Machine DPE-INDUS: Machine dosing with gear Pumps – 2 components – modular machine with all options – Ideal for big casting applications for RIM injection, RTM injection, Infusion

– Machine DPE-HV: Machine dosing gear pumps – 2 components for resins with high viscosities and for bonding applications.

– Machine DPE-INDUS: Machine for gluing / sealing: – 2 components for resins with 1 component with high viscosity and 1 component with low viscosity for sandwich panel gluing applications for the automotive sector (refrigerated truck)

– TANK / BATCH UNIT for RTM / RIM injection and infusion (OOA) – System for one component resin or for casting resins already mixed in a mold.

– PISTON for injection of one component resin RTM / RIM under pressure 0 to 30 bars.

– PRESS for RTM injection /infusion

– VACUUM TABLE  to allow vacuuming of parts.

In their own words

Our design department, our technical and sales team put at your disposal all its know-how to help you step by step in the development of your project from the drafting of the specifications to the realisation of a tailor-made equipment according to your application and your needs.

ISOJET machines are fully adaptable and customisable to best respond to your requirements.


ISOJET will work with you to jointly draw up the initial specifications and remain at your disposal throughout the manufacturing process.

RTM Resin Injection

With over 25 years in the industry, ISOJET have acquired a unique know-how enabling them to face the any challenges.


The demands of the professional market require immediate and expert attention. Thus, the availability of ISOJET and Intelicare teams to respond quickly to your requests are at the heart of our commitments.

ISOJET Equipments and Your Project
Whether you are looking to start a new venture, or to upgrade your current equipment, contact Phil at technical@intelicare.co.uk or call 01777 248777 to start the conversation.

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