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Sustainability in Manufacturing: A Pathway to a Greener Tomorrow in the Extrusion Field

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In May 2024 Intelicare’s Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland, Paul Jones, attended the Extrusion Days 2024 (Ekstruusiopäivät) conference in Tampere, Finland. Paul was there as a key speaker to discuss sustainability in the extrusion field, and how Intelicare’s exclusive extrusion partner, Bausano, are addressing the issue.

During his talk Paul discussed how sustainability in manufacturing has evolved from a buzzword to a global imperative. The sector, historically known for its resource-intensive processes, now strives to reduce its environmental impact through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the adoption of sustainable practices.

Intelicare’s partner, Bausano, exemplifies this shift. As a third-generation, family-run company, Bausano has been at the forefront of extrusion technology since 1946. They focus on quality, customizability, and sustainability, designing and manufacturing all critical components in-house.

Going Beyond Energy Efficiency
Bausano emphasizes reducing energy consumption and promoting recycling. Their innovative Multidrive (MD) patent characterises twin-screw extruders, enhancing power, resistance, and efficiency, leading to a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

Obtaining the ISO 14001:2015 certification marked the beginning of Bausano’s continuous commitment to effective resource management. This certification encompasses environmental policies, impact assessments, regulatory compliance, and more, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability.

Paul Jones at the Extrusion Days conference
Paul Jones at the Extrusion Days conference

Versatile and Efficient Technology
Bausano’s technology includes both twin-screw and single-screw extrusion lines, catering to various applications such as compounds, pipes, medical products, and recycling.

Each Bausano machine is customised to meet specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability. The company acknowledges the need for a radical transformation in plastic production and consumption, focusing on reducing energy use and environmental impact.

Innovations in Energy Efficiency
Bausano’s twin-screw extruders feature the patented and exclusive Multidrive system, which enhances power and efficiency while reducing energy consumption. Bausano’s Smart Energy Induction System, used for barrel heating, further improves efficiency by offering rapid startups, reduced cycle times, and significant cost savings. Induction heating offers precise control, uniform heat distribution, and enhanced energy efficiency, achieving up to 95% energy efficiency compared to traditional methods. This technology reduces operational costs, energy consumption, and maintenance needs, providing a comprehensive solution for improved productivity.

Recycling, Circular Economy and the Future of Sustainability
Bausano’s commitment to sustainability extends to recycling, transforming plastic waste into valuable products. Bausano’s MD Twin Screw Extruders and E-GO R Single Screw Extruders are designed for recycling PVC and polyolefins, respectively, enhancing economic and environmental efficiency.

Bausano is collaborating with the Politecnico/University of Turin on research in artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance. This partnership aims to create more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal operation and reduced waste through advanced AI-driven maintenance strategies.

“Being a part of Ekstruusiopäivät is vital for Bausano as it allows us to showcase our innovative solutions and connect with industry leaders.” said Vice President, Clemente Basuano. “It’s an opportunity to share our passion for excellence and Italian engineering, and to consolidate our presence in countries where our values of sustainability and energy reduction are shared”

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