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Italy is famous for many things – sun, gelato, pizza, and leading technologies in plastics extrusion, of course! We understand that the complex nature of extrusion means there is no substitute for you visiting the Bausano Head Quarters in person for a factory tour, and to discuss you projects. Now that most travel restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to be able to once again extend the invitation to visit.

“It was great to conduct the trial and to have a factory tour to understand Bausano’s unique in-house manufacturing process. This makes us even more confident that we can work together on our new and future recycling projects. Also having the opportunity to speak to the guys on the shop floor and look at the electrical and mechanical build quality meant a lot to us from an engineering perspective.” – UK manufacturing visitor to the Bausano facility, September 2022

What you can expect on a tour of the factory

Situated in Rivarolo Canavese (near Turin in northern Italy), customers will have a full itinerary and experience the unique manufacturing processes at Bausano.

  • Head Office – discuss your project with Bausano experts, including the UK technical manager (Giorgio Critelli), as well as meet members of the senior management team
  • The Design Department – see where individual projects take shape including the design of screws and other vital components
  • The Production Department – visit where all the components, including the screw, barrel, and patented multi-drive system are manufactured from scratch – a process unique to Bausano!
  • The Assembly Room – see where the extrusion lines begin to take shape
  • The Test Room – the final stop on the tour demonstrates customer extrusion lines being set up and carefully tested prior to despatch. In this room you can also see the laboratory where customer material samples are analysed with a dedicated lab extruder and expert team. This is a vital resource available to Bausano customers to help ensure customers get the exact equipment they need for their project.

And of course, this being Italy, customers will be taken to a nearby restaurant or pizzeria to experience authentic Italian cuisine, local to the area.

Bausano experts at work
Bausano experts at work

Let Intelicare take care of the details

We will organise the whole trip/itinerary including flights & hotels (payable by the customer – but keep your receipts as these costs will be reimbursed when an order for equipment is placed) and free transfers. There are several nearby hotels to choose from, including authentic Italian or more corporate, to suit your company.

All of which means that all you have to do is find some space in your diary! Trips usually take two – three days depending on flight departure times.

If you want a taster of the tour you can check out this 360 virtual tour from the comfort of your desk!

Visit our Extrusion page to find out more about Bausano and their unique technology, or to discuss your project, contact Paul at paul@intelicare.co.uk