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Why professionals choose Fontijne Presses

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With nearly 100 years in designing and making the very finest laboratory presses, Fontijne laboratory platen presses are used by many lab and R&D professionals all around the world. Here we look at some of the reasons why professionals choose Fontijne Presses.

Compact Design
Thanks to their compact design and limited weight, Fontijne laboratory platen presses can easily be accommodated in laboratories of all sizes.

Accurate temperature
Thanks to the use of high quality and carefully tuned heating elements, Fontijne laboratory presses offer extremely accurate temperature distribution.

LabManual 300 & LabManual 50
Fontijne Heated Platen Presses

User friendly operating system
It’s important to Fontijne that their presses are easy to operate. This applies to both the LabManual presses as well as the LabEcon and LabPro models, which are equipped with a 15” user-friendly touchscreen operating system.

Precise force distribution
The rigid design of Fontijne presses allows precise force distribution over the full platen surface as well as highly controlled pressure build-up.

Safety first
Fontijne presses are designed with the safety of the operator in mind and use safety facilities such as a safety shield, an emergency stop system and fixed upper platen.

Advanced framework
Fontijne Presses use an advanced 2-column press frame to make sure that all samples – regardless of temperature and pressure – have exactly the same thickness.

LabEcon-Pro heated platen press

Maintenance & calibration services

Fontijne Presses and Intelicare believe that high-quality machines need first-class service. This is why we have teamed up to provide experienced service engineers available who can quickly be deployed all over the UK for preventive maintenance, repairs and calibration services. This means machine downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum. Please contact us at presses@intelicare.co.uk for any service requests or questions.

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