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Extrusion & Recycling Lines


Bausano is a family company that has been designing and producing complete extrusion lines for plastics processing since 1946.

Bausano’s extrusion lines are unique because all critical componants are designed and manufactured entirely in-house. This includes screws, barrels, gearboxes for twin-screw extruders, die-heads for pipes, and downstream components such as calibration/cooling benches. With complete control over every aspect of the extrusion line, Bausano can customise each line to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

The MD Twin Screw Extruder Series and the E-GO R Single Screw Extruder Series, are recycling and pelletising systems with optimised L/D ratio, filtering ahead of vacuum degassing, specially suited to waste plastics such as high contaminated and heavily printed recycling and pelletising.

Final productions by Bausano’s extrusion line are in the form of pellets/ granules, and can be directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion and plastics injection.

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Bausano extrusion lines