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Adiabatic Coolers

  • Consistent process cooling using ambient air (and patented technology).
  • Safe and cost effective alternative to cooling towers.
  • Specifically designed and built for a range of industrial and manufacturing processes.
  • Quick turnaround on investment thanks to energy saving potential.
  • Compact design.
  • Arrives pre-assembled, saving time on installation and delivery costs.
  • Huge reduction in water, chemical and energy costs compared to cooling towers.
  • 45+ years of Frigosystem expertise.
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ACE your way to higher efficiency and eliminate process water contamination with Frigosystem’s true Adiabatic Cooler. ACE is an Adiabatic Dry Cooler, which cools process water using ambient air. This is achieved by using powerful speed-controlled EC fans to draw air first through a Frigosystem-patented wet screen and then the dry cooler coils. The result is an efficient, true adiabatic cooling system, especially when compared to standard dry coolers with a less efficient spray bars.


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Patented tech

Air is cooled by seeping through the water soaked cavities of the patented PVC screen.


PVC panels and filters are much more robust. All parts in contact with water are stainless steel, so there's no corrosion.

Low maintenance

Easily removable panels which can be stored during winter, when the dry cooling process takes over. The panels are also easily cleaned.


All service work can be carried out by Intelicare technicians for complete peace of mind. We can even monitor using FS-ei link.


Frigosystem’s true Adiabatic Cooling, rather than a simple spray-bar, gives a huge number of benefits. For starters, water consumption is reduced by up to 95% when compared to your old cooling tower, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and the need for ongoing expensive chemical treatments. Frigosystem design features ensure reduced energy and water consumption, along with a much lower noise level, guaranteeing high efficiencies and a quick turnaround on investment.

ACE adiabatic cooler

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