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Blown Film Extrusion Cooling

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  • Frigosystem’s exclusive KITE & KITE DEX range.
  • Standalone, all-in-one units for production of chilled air for blown film extrusion.
  • A range of air chillers for IBC and air ring.
  • Huge energy savings compared to the traditional chiller and coiling coil set-up.
  • KITE & KITE DEX range includes internal water-cooled chillers that can accept cooling water up to 45°C.
  • Final product quality increase with unique Frigosystem designs.
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Frigosystem’s cooling technology KITE & KITE DEX are a monobloc ‘all-in-one’ answer to blown film extrusion. Patented technology and unique design helps to ensure a more stable control of temperature, no condensation (or the need for expensive insulated pipes) and lower electricity costs as the system uses ambient water.

1 review for Blown Film Extrusion Cooling

  1. Anon

    Control of the bubble has been spot on since installing KITE DEX

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Trusted by OEMs

Frigosystem truly are the specialists in blown film cooling. KITE and KITE DEX are specified by OEMs worldwide.

Zero risk of freezing

Frigosystem's cooling coils are cooled by a chiller with an internal water tank, rather than directly with gas.

Stable air bubble

Internal water tank acts as a buffer against temperature fluctuation.

45˚C process water

Favourable ambient temperatures can bypass the chiller compressors entirely, leading to significant utility savings.


The quantity and quality of any produced film depends on the external cooling ring of the blown film and the 'IBC' inner cooling system. Introducing KITE, an ‘all-in-one’ mono-bloc blown film extrusion cooling system from Frigosystem, that produces chilled air for air ring and IBC. In addition, KITE will also provide thermoregulated water between 7˚C and 25˚C with easily regulated airflow from 0 - 100%, with indirect exchange between air and water, eliminating any risk of coil freezing - this is a unique Frigosystem design.

KITE Blown Film Extrusion Cooling System


KITE DEX models are for the production of chilled air only, ideal for customers who don't require chilled water or already have a source of cool water available.

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