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Combined Heating & Cooling

  • Frigosystem ‘HC’ units are a smart and space saving combination of chiller and temperature control unit.
  • Dual function for hot and cold water, with working temperature range from -10°C to +90°C
  • Choose from independently set temperatures to suit your requirements (e.g, hot and cold water for the mould, chilled water for the hydraulics, or any combination you need).
  • High accuracy.
  • Supports any industrial application.
  • Reduced footprint beside process machine.
  • Energy and cost saving (reduced maintenance).
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HC units are handy, accurate and efficient – a combined chiller and temperature controller used to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times. Set up to 3 independently controlled water circuits and control the whole process from beside the machine.


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Select up to three different set temperatures from one unit.


Powerful, industrial standard thermoregulator can deal with the demands of your business.


Ecological refrigerant gas, long lasting components and free cooling.


Free up space with a compact, all-in-one unit for easy installation and reduced footprint.


HC units offer complete flexibility. Temperatures to one, two or even three separate zones can be selected, making it ideal for customers needing a combination of different set temperatures. This is all achieved with one compact and easy to manage unit, rather than two or three separate ones, saving floor space, time and effort.


Thanks to its unique ability for constant thermoregulation, a single HC unit can accurately control the process temperatures of applications including injection & blow moulding, thermoforming, extrusion, lamination and converting. Its accuracy and reliability also make it ideal for pharmaceutical and food & beverage applications.

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