Compressed Air Dryers

  • Compressed air dryers for small-medium material throughputs.
  • Continuous modulating system of compressed air flow.
  • Electronic control and LCD display.
  • Daily/weekly timer.
  • Anti-stress system.
  • Solid-state relay control.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm.
  • Compressed air filter.
  • Options include: ADK extra drying kit for lower and controlled dew point, wired remote control & supporting base.


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AD series compressed air dryers are available to be upgraded with an array of optional extras. The extra drying kit allows increases dew point performance from -20 °C to -50 °C, as well as allowing greater control of the dew point for constant monitoring. There's a supporting base for easier installations directly on the machine throat, as well as a side discharge outlet for faster cleaning. Finally, there's a wired remote control and the option of extra filters to be placed on the compressed air inlet, which is available with a pressure gauge to check and control line pressure.