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Dehumidifier Dryer

Technology for hydroscopic drying of granules.
Suitable for dehumidifier drying in a variety of processes, including thermoforming, injection moulding and extrusion.
Dedicated airflow and temperature control.
RCE function and thick, insulated hoppers for the perfect drying environment.
MD Series – ideal for small to medium throughput.
MDC series – beside machine installation, trolley mounted and compact features for easy handling.
MDS series – high throughputs for the most demanding requirements.
MDM series – multiple hopper drying systems.

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MD/MDC Series. Compact desiccant dryers with energy saving in mind. Frame clad with side panels and spring locks. Intuitive controls on LCD display. RCE function - materials 'anti-stress' treatment. Operation with solid state relays. MT Version for use up to 140°C with air-to-air heat exchanger to recover heat from return air. HT Version with water cooler fitted with water flow control valve to reduce water waste. Regeneration phase allowing reduced fluctuations in dew point.


MDS Series Optimal hydroscopic drying with -50°C dew point and significant airflow. Designed to save energy. Automatic RCE function (material anti-stress treatment). Operation with solid state relays. MT version for use up to 150°C. Exclusive New Omap air-air heat exchanger design. HT version with water cooler fitted with water flow control valve to reduce waste water.


MDM Series. Modular, multi-drying hopper systems. Control panels of process heaters integrated in the frame design, as well as piping and hopper valves.

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