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Dry Coolers

  • Industrial process cooling using ambient air.
  • Safe and cost effective alternative to cooling towers.
  • Dry coolers cool process water using ambient air.Specifically designed and built for manufacturing and industrial processes.
  • Save money on water, energy and expensive chemical treatment consumption.
  • No water/air contact, totally eliminating risks posed by legionella.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water distribution system in stainless steel
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Frigosystem DCS dry coolers provide a source of cool condensing water, from which customers can benefit from significant utility savings (free cooling), during favourable ambient conditions. They can also be used in conjuction with existing chillers to bypass the compressors. Either way, Frigosystem DCS dry coolers offer quick payback on investment and reduced environmental impact.


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No refrigerant gas. No compressor. Just fans

Energy Saving

The whole process relies on nothing more than ambient air, which, thanks to our climate, can be readily achieved in the UK & Ireland. Cue utility savings.


Business doing well? Want to expand? Great. Our dry coolers can expand with you, offering maximum flexibility.


All service work in the UK and Ireland will be carried out by Intelicare technicians for complete peace of mind. We can even monitor using FS-i link.


Frigosystem DCS Dry coolers are the safe, modern alternative for conventional cooling towers and the problems traditionally associated with these. They provide large volumes of water to processes that only need cool water, as they are only dependent on ambient air temperature. They can even be integrated as part of an existing chiller system to provide energy and utility savings during favourable ambient temperatures (think evenings, autumn and winter).


These dry coolers are often used to provide free cooling when connected to a Frigosystem chiller or chiller system. Once the ambient air temperature is approximately 5°C below the desired process water temperature (think evenings, autumn and winter), the automatic free cooling will kick in. This saves the energy demanding compressors from work, leaving all the process cooling to the free cooling fans. Make the weather work for you and get energy savings of up to 95%.

Frigosystem Dry Coolers

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