Extrusion for Profiles

The patented MULTIDRIVE technology of the Bausano MD Plus extruder range and a long-standing experience in plastic processing allow Bausano to ensure high performance and great reliability over time. Bausano lines allow producing rigid and flexible profiles with different weights and dimensions – from a few grams to several kilogrammes/metre, from a few millimetres to more than one metre width.

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Thanks to their reliability, practicality and great resistance over time, the profiles manufactured with Bausano's extrusion lines are increasingly demanded for a number of applications: DOORS AND WINDOWS Profiles for windows, roller shutters, doors and windowsills BUILDINGS, Electric conduits, staff angles, baseboards, chimney weathering and gutters FURNITURE & DESIGN Technical and aesthetic, expanded and co-extruded profiles

Medical extrusion line


The extrusion lines for Bausano profiles allow the optimal transformation of different types of plastic material in order to meet the most diverse needs. Rigid and flexible PVC, transparent and loaded, co-extruded (even in multiple materials) and expanded; Polyolefins: PE, HDPE, LDPE, PPR; PVC-based WPC, polyolefins or PLA; EVA, PS, PMMA, PC, ABS.

Plastic granules


To complete the lines, you can find: heads with machine control and completely thermoregulated; calibration and cooling benches that allow the profile exiting the supply chain to retain the desired shape; take off modules equipped with local PLC command synchronised with the extruder; vertical cutter, suitable for profiles up to 300 mm, or horizontal cutter, designed for production of wide flat profiles.

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