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Gravimetric Dosers

Gravimetric dosers play a key role in most plastic processes, they are used to control and measure the exact weight of each material as it enters the process

Standard features:

  • Pintpoint-accurate dosing based on weight.
  • All materials are weighed.
  • Accuracy constantly monitored.
  • Dosing accuracy ±0,1%
  • Immune to vibration: blender can be mounted directly on machine throat.
  • Automatic calculation of the exact dispensing percentage.
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The DG series Gravimetric Dosers are available in several models, designed and capable of mixing up to 8 components for capacities up to 3000 kg/h. With such a large capacity, it's important to be as precise as possible.

Gravimetric doser


Once the parameters have been set on the touch screen controls, the virgin material, regrind, masterbatch and the additives are measured one at a time. The dosers operates automatically, painstakingly and quickly measuring each component in the desired percentages. Alarms will alert users of material shortages.


These gravimetric batch dosers/blenders are easy to install. They are also easy to control with the latest self-tuning technology, which automatically adjusts for errors. This ensures a constant set percentage of each individual component.

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