Heavy Duty Chillers

  • Powerful chillers with intricate design.
  • Cooling powers from 300 to 2300kW.
  • Specifically designed for higher cooling capacities.
  • Ecological refrigerant gasses R-134A, R513A, R1234ze.
  • Ambient temperature up to 56°C.
  • Screw compressors.
  • Microchannel condensers.
  • Free cooling available.
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RACA Heavy Duty (RHD) chillers are highly efficient and available in a variety of configurations. They stand out as some of the most reliable and robust chillers anywhere on the market, thanks to the unit’s flawless harmony of intricate technology and intuitive design. RHD chillers can operate all year round in extreme ambient conditions and can even match with external pumping groups according to every possible plant requirement.


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Screw Compressors

More robust, reliable, efficient and maintenance-free than scroll compressors.

Ecological gas

The RHD range of chillers benefit from a wider variety of available gasses, allowing Frigosystem to combine efficiency and payback.

Shell & tube evaporator

Robust technology allows for higher flow rates.

Free cooling

For energy savings, RHD can be combined with a seperate dry cooler or integrated free cooling.


RHD chillers have many options that can be included. Many customers choose the automatic free cooling feature, which (during favourable cooler ambient conditions) will bypass the energy intensive compressors of the chiller and provide significant utility savings.

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