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Honeycomb Dehumidifying Dryers

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Rotor Honeycomb dehumidifying dryers for hydroscopic materials.
A Honeycomb wheel driven by chain for constant and controlled drying.
WD series dehumidifying dryers with three distinct models.
WD15-25 – compact drying, ideal for hopper sizes ranging from 30 to 100dm³.
WD/C – Machine mounted/trolley mounted.
WDS – higher throughputs and dedicated supporting structure.

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1 review for Honeycomb Dehumidifying Dryers

  1. Glazpart

    We are delighted with the performance of the Intelicare WD Series dryers which have reduced our costs and given us a consistently high product quality finish, both of which help us maintain our edge over the competition. In fact, we are so pleased with the dryer’s performance and the support we get from Intelicare, that we have purchased three units and more may follow.

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Handy honeycomb dryers that can be mounted directly on a machine or trolley, our WD15-30 range is brilliant for many reasons. Because of their design, they're typically much cheaper than similar dryers without compromising on reliability or quality. Even though they're compact, they still use the same technology as the bigger dryers and are able to achieve the all-important constant dew point. They don't even require compressed air or water, and are big on energy savings, using less than 1kW of power per hour.

Honeycomb Dehumidifying Dryer


Based on the use of a slowly rotating drum infused with mixtures of molecular sieves, this range of dehumidifying dryer can achieve a dew point of -50°C that remains constant throughout the drying cycle. Thanks to the Triflux heat exchanger, the system is able to recover a large part of the heat and reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to standard dryers.


As well as saving space and energy, these WD series dryers are designed to save you time, as they don't need periodic maintenance to change the molecular sieves. They don't even require compressed air and water, so you can be truly flexible.

new omap honeycomb dehumidifying dryer

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