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Hot air dryers

Designed for non-hydroscopic drying of granules.
Three distinct models:
HD – machine mounted.
HDC – trolley mounted.
HDS – floor mounted for larger volumes.
Stainless steel drying hopper with 50 or 100mm insulation thickness (according to model).
Built-in hot air diffuser cone.
Hoppers with cover lid arranged to fit automatic loaders.

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Hot air dryers are designed for non-hydroscopic drying, where moisture is only present on the surface of a granule. In the thermoforming process, moisture and humidity adversely affect the quality of an end product.


Hot air dryers use a fan to blow air into a chamber which is then heated to a set temperature, and as the warm air passes through the granules, it heats them and removes the moisture. It sounds easy, but there are several intrinsic features which play their part in the reliability of this process, including stainless steel design, and thick, insulated hoppers. There's even the built-in hot air diffuser cone and return air bypass kit for energy saving that helps to put the crown on New Omap's technical expertise.


Process airflow from 70 to 170 m3/h. These hot air dryers, combined with 50mm insulated drying hoppers, can be directly mounted on machine throat with a maximum working temperature of 150°C.


Process airflow from 70 to 170 m3/h. These hot air dryers, combined with 50 mm insulated drying hoppers, can be mounted on dedicated trolleys beside the machine.

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