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Lab Econ – Heated Platen Press

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  • High parallelism and easy access to press area
  • Accurate temperature distribution
  • Fast closing and accurate pressing by a highly controlled pressure build-up
  • Precise force distribution over the full platen surface thanks to the rigid design
  • Automatic control of the hydraulic pressure to maintain a stable press force
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to operate via touch screen control
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The critically acclaimed LabEcon series is known for his accurate and consistent pressing quality, and is therefore widely chosen as sample preparation press for quality control and R&D.

Depending on the model – 300, 600, 1000 – the press range goes up to 300, 600 or 1000 kN at 300°C. Regardless of the model or settings used, the results will always be accurate and consistent.

The unit’s small footprint allows it to get installed easily in the lab, while its ergonomic design and straightforward touchscreen interface are appreciated by lab technicians. Furthermore, the LabEcon series incorporates many additional safety features, such as a fixed upper platen, an emergency stop system and a safety shield.

The LabEcon series is recommended for all demanding quality control and R&D applications where accuracy and consistency are prerequisites.

“The press allows us to meet the change of the requirements of international standards with more efficiency. The plaques are created with more precision and accuracy due to the digital management and control panel.” – Gregg Falconer, Operations Manager at Impact Solutions

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Fontijne Presses and Intelicare have several options available for your LabEcon press, allowing you to expand the area of application and to get the best possible performance from the unit.

Programmable or ProView control system
The LabEcon presses can either be delivered with our Programmable Control System – which uses an 8.4” touch screen –, or with our ProView system which includes a 15” touch screen. The larger screen area of the ProView system gives the user a better view on the settings and progress of the LabEcon and adds extra comfort to control the unit. Moreover, the ProView system adds a frequency controller to control the speed of the press during the final closing phase.

Heating capacity to 400°C
The heating capacity of the LabEcon models can be expanded up to 400°C. This allows to use of a wider range of sample materials.

Fast heating system
When this system is installed, the heating process of the LabEcon presses can be accelerated to 20°C/min. This saves quite some time, as it only takes 8 minutes to reach 180°C (instead of 16 minutes) or just 19 minutes to reach 400°C (instead of 38 minutes).

Active cooling system
Automated water cooling of the press platens, controlled by electric valves. This way, the press can be deployed swiftly for upcoming tasks that need a lower temperature setpoint.

Please note that the cooling system can be made compliant with ASTM D4703 (to achieve a 15°C/min cooling ramp) upon request.

Multiple ‘daylights’
By adding extra daylights – this refers to the opening between the lower and higher platens –, a significantly larger number of samples can be processed within the same cycle. Each daylight can have its own heating/cooling settings.

Steel, aluminum and copper platens
By using optional platens in steel, aluminum or copper, a specific temperature distribution profile can be achieved.

Additional options
Your LabEcon press can also be equipped with additional options like a roller bed, an exhaust hood, an automatic venting cycle and light and sound systems to indicate the end of a press cycle.

  • Roller bed: consists of ball transfer units allowing to insert the mold more easily.
  • Exhaust/extraction hood: sits on top of the press and can be connected to an existing exhaust system, using the Jacob ø200 mm connection flange.
  • Automatic venting cycle/degassing stroke: allows to vent the unit, by automatically open and close – after a preset period of time – the press. From 1 to 99 venting cycles.
  • Light signal: a light signal on top of the unit indicates the end of a press cycle.
  • Sound signal: an acoustic signal indicates when the press cycle is finished.

1 review for Lab Econ – Heated Platen Press

  1. Thomas Dobbie – Mechanical Test Engineer (Impact Solutions)

    Our press (Elvis Pressley!) has been doing great. We’ve been especially impressed with the consistency and surface finish of the plaques we’re getting, and it’s practically doubled the output of plaques since we’re not having to remake them half the time.

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Many options and configurations available


Precise force distribution over the full platen surface


Compact, robust, and intuitive design


Automatic control of the hydraulic pressure


Electrically heated platens, hydraulic operated cylinder for press force and touch screen control for more complex and demanding sample preparation. This intuitive and cost-effective design means LabEcon heated platen presses are ideal for R&D, including laboratories and universities.


“It has been a great collaboration between Intelicare and Fontijne. We are already reaping the rewards.” – Gregg Falconer, Operations Manager at Impact Solutions

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