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Fontijne Presses’ benchtop LabTop series – available with a press range of 150 or 300kN – is an automated hydraulic laboratory press, which combines the modest footprint of the manually operated LabManual machines with the automated ProView control system that is used in the LabEcon and LabPro series. The critically acclaimed LabTop series is known for its accurate and consistent pressing quality, and is therefore widely chosen as sample preparation press for quality control and R&D.

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Depending on the model – 150 or 300 – the press range goes up to 150 or 300 kN at 300°C. Regardless of the model or settings used, the results will always be accurate and consistent. Thanks to its small footprint and its 230V connection, the LabTop can easily get installed in any lab. Its ergonomic design and straightforward touchscreen interface are highly appreciated by lab technicians.

Furthermore, the LabTop series incorporates many additional safety features, such as a fixed upper platen, an emergency stop system and a safety shield.

The LabTop series is recommended for all demanding quality control and R&D applications where accuracy and consistency are prerequisites.

The LabTop press is delivered with our ProView control system which includes a 15” touch screen for temperature and closing force control. The large screen area of the ProView system gives the user a very good view on the settings and progress of the LabTop as well as extra comfort to control the unit.

The press also includes an automatic venting system/degassing stroke that allows to vent the unit by automatically opening and closing – after a preset period of time – the press.


Active cooling system

Automated water cooling of the press platens, controlled by electric valves. This way, the press can be deployed swiftly for upcoming tasks that need a lower temperature setpoint. Please note that the cooling system can be made compliant with ASTM D4703 (to achieve a 15°C/min cooling ramp) upon request.

Chromated backing platens

When using higher temperature settings, the sample material may adhere to the platens. This can easily be prevented by using a set of a chromated backing platens.

Extended guarantee & maintenance plan

Upon request, the standard guarantee period can be extended. Fontijne Presses also offers preventive maintenance and a calibration service.



Two available options: 150 kN or 300 kN


Including an integrated safety shield


Small footprint with impressive results


With an inbuilt 15’’ touch screen


“It has been a great collaboration between Intelicare and Fontijne. We are already reaping the rewards.” – Gregg Falconer, Operations Manager at Impact Solutions

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