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Volumetric Dosers

Volumetric Dosers.
These precision dosers dispense granules based on volume.
Dosing screw and screw in stainless steel.
Compact design, reduced motor/gearbox size, external robust body in cast aluminium.
Dosing body with gate for material test survey.
Master hopper in painted mild steel with hinged lid and inspection window.
Quick and easy to clean.

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When everything about the New Omap Volumetric Doser is geared towards accuracy, longevity and ease of use, it’s easy to see why it’s one of our best-selling units. Its remarkable features from brushless DC motor to stainless steel design ensure its place as an essential addition for any extrusion or injection moulding process.


Ideal for both extrusion and injection moulding, the DV series Doser is the next step in volumetric dosing. They are extremely precise thanks to the use of a tilted body and dedicated augers, and robust enough to never let you down.


To complete the range, let us introduce the mixers: static TS and dynamic MIX. When installed directly on the machine inlet and matched with the doser, they combine to create a complete dosing unit.

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