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Water & Oil Heaters

  • Water temperature controllers with direct or indirect cooling
  • Oil temperature controllers
  • A range of temperatures up to 350˚C
  • Huge range of configurations and options
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Unique Frigosystem design
  • Cooling powers up to 300˚C
  • Specified by OEMs
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Frigosystem water and oil temperature control units stand out as some of the most reliable on the market, thanks to a combination of robust components, unique design features and a wealth of Frigosystem experience. With a vast number of options and configurations, these units can handle the demands of any industry to help increase productivity and reduce downtime.


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A wealth of combined manufacturing experience


Fully customisable units to cope with the demands of any industry


Robust components and unique Frigosystem design


Full UK servicing available through Intelicare, plus financing options available


Available in a variety of configurations and fully customisable, Frigosystem water heaters can cope with the demands of any industrial application. Process systems can be specified as atmospheric or pressurised, with temperatures up to 170˚C. Frigosystem water heaters can guarantee an efficient, accurate and reliable source of water temperature control, with a combination of robust components, unique design features and a wealth of experience.

Water & Oil Temperature Control Unit


Oil heaters can be specified with process temperatures up to 350˚C. The units can be equipped with either no-seal vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps with seal or magnetic coupling pumps. All electrical heaters are in AISI 316L with low specific charge and always connected to a solid state relay for the optimisation of heating power.

Water & Oil Temperature Control Unit

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