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Glazpart, a high technology plastic injection moulding company, specialise in the design, manufacture and assembly of plastic components and are active across many industries


Glazpart recently undertook a trial to compare their existing dehumidifier drying range with an Intelicare WD Series Honeycomb dehumidifier dryer. With the aim of improving drying efficiency and reduing costs, the comparison took place during normal production time, using two products for actual customer orders.

Dehumidifier dryers are used for drying hydroscopic materials. The Intelicare WD Series dryers are based on the use of a rotating drum infused with mixtures of molecular sieves which help to draw moisture from within the granule.

The Comparison: Existing set-up vs WD Series

Sample 1:

  • Moisture content during production reduced from 0.21% to 0.16%
  • 57% reduction in drying cost from 42.7p per hour to 18.4p
  • Existing dryer required switching on at 8pm on Sunday evening.
  • Intelicare WD Series dryers only required switching on at 0400 on Monday morning – 8 hours of energy saving.

Sample 2:

  • Moisture content and drying cost reduced, as in sample 1.
  • Existing dryer causes severe oxidisation which turns the material yellow, causing a potential reject situation.
  • WD Series dryer significantly improved the finished product quality and in turn reduced rejects, thanks in part to the automatic RCE function.

The Benefits

  1. Uses less than half the energy of the existing dryer.
  2. The material is also being dried to the recommended moisture content levels in reduced time.
  3. WD Series can be used on difficult production runs or on jobs with small throughputs without fear of over-drying due to the RCE function.
  4. The RCE function, once activated, can reduce power consumption considerably.
  5. The dryer does not require compressed air.
  6. An electronic timer is built into the dryer, enabling drying operation start at any time.


Dehumidifier dryers

The WD Series dryers maintain a constant dew point of -50°C throughout the entire drying cycle. This cycle comprises of three phases which are carried out simultaneously: heating, regeneration and cooling. A heat-exchanger recovers a large part of the regeneration heat, further reducing energy consumption by more than 30%. WD Series dryers do not require periodic maintenance to change molecular sieves and do not need compressed air or water for drying temperatures up to 140°C.

What our clients say

The result

Andy, Production Manager at Glazpart said: “Our drying costs were too high, and we were suffering intermittent quality problems on one particular product. We are therefore delighted with the performance of the Intelicare WD Series dryers which have reduced our costs and given us a consistently high product quality finish, both of which help us maintain our edge over the competition. In fact, we are so pleased with the dryer’s performance and the support we get from Intelicare, that we have purchased three units and more may follow.”

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