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TRB Lightweight Structures

TRB Lightweight Structures commission Intelicare supplied
Resin Metering and Dispensing Equipment

TRBLS Isojet DPE Indus Small File

TRB Lightweight Structures, a leading international manufacturing and engineering company, specialising in lightweight composite products has invested in an Isojet Equipements resin metering and dispensing system supplied by Intelicare Limited.

TRB Lightweight Structures formed in 1954, employ over 112 experts to support design, engineering, manufacturing, quality and R&D and have just announced the impending opening of a composites manufacturing centre in the USA as a joint venture with Toyota Tsusho America.

The resin metering and dispensing equipment is an Isojet DPE – Indus for bi-component resins used by TRBLS for high strength bonding across a wide range of applications such as internal and external train doors, door furniture and bonding aluminium skins to honeycomb cores for markets such as industrial, rail and automotive.

The Isojet equipment has been well received as demonstrated by Gatis Dudelis, Engineering Production Manager who commented: The equipment has been commissioned, training undertaken and we are very impressed with the results. The business will benefit from reduced waste of adhesive in the mixing and bonding process , reduced labour time and consistent and repeatable quantity/quality of mixed resin to the exact standard required for our customers including rail to IRIS and DIN standards as well as automotive and industrial.

The machine comes equipped with:-

  • Touchscreen display for quick visualization and easy navigation within the PLC.
  • Part A resin dispensed from the resin manufacturers 25 litre drum
  • Part B hardener dispensed from the purpose designed pressurised stainless-steel tank on the m/c
  • High precision metering gear pumps for accurate dispensing of separate resin and hardener.
  • Static mixing head with disposable static mixer, foot pedal controlled by the
  • Facility to write and store recipes to suit various applications where dispensing volume, weight, time and resin/hardener ratio can be determined.
  • Data logging of all parameters including daily and accumulated resin and hardener consumption; all downloaded to USB key in .csv format

 Intelicare specialises in the supply and service of equipment used within the plastics processing, composites and other industries. Key product lines include Fluid Temperature Control, Materials Handling, Laboratory Platen Presses, RTM Resin Injection Equipment, Industrial and Composites Ovens and complete Extrusion Lines.

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Phil Jones, Intelicare’s technical manager, said:

“Intelicare has evolved over the last few years, being involved in much larger turn-key projects, rather than simply the supply of individual equipment (which we obviously still can do, though!). This applies to all our partners, for presses, complete cooling systems, and extrusion projects. I’m really proud of the team we’ve put together here at Intelicare, who have lots of experience covering a whole range of projects.”

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