Extrusion for Pipes

Bausano designs and implements complete lines based on twin-screw extruder technology of the MD Plus family, suitable for production of thermoplastic pipes with diameters starting from a few millimetres up to 1,600 mm. With Bausano lines it is possible to produce several product types for any application: from rigid pipes with wide cross-section to flexible pipes with small diameter, from monolayer to multilayer products, from smooth to corrugated pipes.

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Thanks to their resistance and reliability, the pipes produced with Bausano's extrusion lines are used in many fields and for a number of different uses:CONSTRUCTION - pipes for transport of liquids, for high pressure or for drainage; CONDUITS - smooth corrugated or spiral pipes; AGRICULTURE - pipes for irrigation, drip irrigation, braided pipes; PETROCHEMICAL - transport of gases and hydrocarbons; MEDICAL - small pipes for medicinal products, pump pipes, dental pipes; AUTOMOTIVE - air conveyance pipes, cable pipelines; TELECOMMUNICATIONS - cable protection pipes.

Bausano pipe extruders


Designed to meet a number of different needs, the Bausano extrusion lines for pipes are able to process several types of plastic materials:Soft and rigid, transparent, supercharged PVC, or combined with acrylic resins; CPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride); PO, Polyolefins such as PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), HDPE, LDPE; PVC- or Polyolefin-based WPC.


Single static frequency converter. Both mechanical and electronic synchronisation makes motor rotation more constant and increases the machine efficiency.Frequency converterChosen for the MD Plus twin-screw extruders, it guarantees the same speed of the four motors, greater energy savings, lower installation and maintenance costs, durability over time and perfect power distribution across all motors.Thrust systemThe multi-stage thrust bearings used on these machines make it possible to triple the dynamic load and make the extruders ideal for managing high production levels.SupplyPossibility of customising the machines with different supply systems: gravimetric, volumetric and multicomponent.PLC touch screenEach extruder mounts a PLC control panel with touch-screen, with the possibility of controlling each phase remotely.


Each line is complete with cooling and calibration benches, take off and cutting units, each featuring special measures to achieve additional energy savings up to 50%!OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:gravimetric dosers; diameter and thickness meters; belling machines; corrugators; hot or ink jet marking devices; metre counters; coilers; unloading devices.

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