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Recycling and Regranulation

EGO R Series
The Bausano E-GO R series single screw extrusion and pelletising system is a specialised and reliable system, suitable for recycling and re-pelletising of rigid plastic scrap. It combines the function of plasticisation and pelletising into one step and is ideal for crushed regrinds or flakes of PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP.

MD Series for PVC Regranulation
Bausano also designs and manufactures a plastic recycling extruder for PVC plastic material. As one of the most widely used polymers in the plastics industry, it also means that it is one of the most recycled.  Bausano’s MD Twin Screw Extruders are designed especially for PVC regranulation.

Bausano’s extrusion lines are unique because all critical components are designed and manufactured entirely in-house. This includes screws, barrels, gearboxes for twin-screw extruders, die-heads, and downstream components such as calibration/cooling benches. With complete control over every aspect of the extrusion line, Bausano can customise each line to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

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Bausano are experts in the designing and producing of recycling extrusion lines for all PVC and polyolefin materials.Our MD Twin-screw extruders series are designed to process any kind of PVC scrap efficiently and economically. Thanks to its maximum flexibility it can work with different types of PVC scraps, meeting the highest technical standards. All our MD series extruders have different lengths and drive motors to ensure proper plasticising and output. This means that MD Twin screw extruders for PVC regranulation are suitable for any kind of PVC scrap, from both rigid PVC and flexible PVC.Bausano has developed the technology to recycle and re-pelletise polyolefin with its single Screw Extruder, E-GO R series. E-GO R single screw extruder for Polyolefin recycling is the latest Bausano technological update.

Bausano recycling lines


PVC: Currently, PVC can be processed into a wide variety of short-life products, such as PVC packaging materials used in food or medical devices, and long-life products such as pipes, window frames, cable insulation, floors coverings and roofing sheet.Polyoefins: Through plastics extrusion it's possible to produce pipes, window & door profiles, technical profiles, pellets or medical devices like medical tube.

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