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ACE: the low energy, high performance adiabatic cooler from Frigosystem

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ACE adiabatic cooler

Looking for an energy saving, high performance cooler?

The ACE is a range of exceptional adiabatic coolers from Frigosystem, working in closed loop on a very compact frame, with one row of fans in order to drop down the overseas freight costs.

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Main features

  • Cooling power from 90 to 820 kW (25 to 240 Tons)
  • Supporting structure in painted steel
  • Coil with aluminium fins and copper pipes
  • High energy saving
  • Low noise level thanks to fan speed control
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Automatic control by advanced electronic PID regulator
  • 95% water saving against cooling tower

How does it work?

ACE uses the ambient air to cool process water. By using powerful fans, placed within the ACE cooler, the ambient air is conveyed through a PVC screen evaporator which is uniformly moisturised by a patented ”SHOWER” anti-scaling water distribution system. By permeating through the water soaked cavities of this evaporator, the air is cooled and releases heat to the water, which in turn evaporates. This process results in ACE achieving a higher efficiency when compared to traditional dry coolers, whilst maintaining the requirements of a closed system by eliminating process water consumption and contamination.

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ACE your business

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