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Bausano at Plast 2023: An Ode to the Green Factory of the Future, Where Nature and Industry Coexist

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Bausano at Plast 2023

Bausano – Intelicare Extrusion Partner and a leading international player in the design and production of customised extrusion lines for plastics processing – will be present at Plast 2023 (stand 41/42 and hall 13) with an exclusive exhibition that perfectly interprets its three distinctive values: tradition, innovation and respect for the environment, for a journey that celebrates sustainable extrusion in all its forms.

The stand design concept is a combination of noble materials and multimedia contributions, in which outdoor and indoor spaces merge to guide visitors into a green factory, where nature and industry coexist.

The birch tree symbolises resilience, versatility, perseverance, adaptability and tenacity. These are all characteristics that distinguish us,” says Vice President Clemente Bausano, who continues, “A symbol that is perfectly in line with our sustainable growth strategy, which sees the company actively engaged in quantifying the environmental footprint of its processes, products and services, in order to reduce emissions and promote a more rational use of natural resources such as water and energy, for the benefit of future generations”

During the four-day event Bausano will present the following technologies: the E-GO 60/37 extruder for PP/PE pipes, equipped with a head for the production of single-layer 250 mm diameter pipes, with IPC (Internal Pipe Air Cooling) included, and the MD118/30 series with induction system and dual outlet head for the production of PVC pipes.

Bausano premieres E-GO 60/37, equipped with head

The E-GO 60/37 is equipped with a loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing system: a plus that allows complete control of production, for final outputs of excellent standards. Compared to a standard volumeter, it is self-calibrating and allows the weight of material processed by the extruder to be measured in real time, sending continuous feedback to the Digital Extruder Control 4.0 (PLC). The latter determines the rotational speed of the screw, depending on the changes in the material flow and the mass detected, while keeping the weight/metre of the pipe constant.

In this way, Bausano lines allow each metre of pipe to be extruded to predefined specifications. Further distinguishing features of the EGO 60/37 are the IP23-rated, three-phase asynchronous, low power consumption AC motor, directly coupled to the three-stage gearbox with ground helical gears, bimetallic screws and rifled mouth cylinder, guaranteeing maximum resistance to wear. The innovative extruder is also characterised by its screw geometries, specifically designed according to the customer’s requirements and the variety of polymers processed, for high output in terms of Kg/h, without excessive mechanical stress.

Head with internal IPC cooling

The E-GO 60/37 extruder is equipped with a 250 single-layer head with Internal Pipe Air Cooling (IPC). A technology that, thanks to air flows in the opposite direction to the extrusion, cools the pipes intensively, uniformly and all round, directly in the extrusion head, for superior productivity, finished product quality and energy efficiency. With its compact design, it requires little space in the line installation process and, thanks to the IPC, is also reduced in length.

MD118/30 extruder combines performance and energy efficiency

A highlight among Bausano’s innovations is the MD118/30 Nextmover in which the patent-pending Smart Energy System technology meets the need for more sustainable and efficient plastic extrusion processes. It is an induction system for heating the cylinder, without contact and by means of an alternating electromagnetic field, which not only significantly reduces component wear for a longer machine life cycle, but also cuts energy consumption by 35%.

Bausano twin-screw extruders

High-performance double outlet head for PVC pipes

Made of carbon steel and chrome-plated surfaces, the double outlet head-on display, fully thermoregulated externally and internally, completes the extrusion line for PVC pipes, based on the MD Nextmover range of extruders offered by Bausano.

Thanks to the optimisation of internal head volumes and compression ratios, a high throughput of up to 2000kg/h can be achieved, with temperatures and melt pressures significantly lower than standard.

Plast 2023
5 – 8 September

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