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Plastic granules

Bausano turns scrap into opportunities

Extruder manufacturer Bausano can help customers turn production scrap into a business opportunity and be part of the virtuous world of the circular economy.

Bausano’s extrusion technology can help repurpose scrap from various manufacturing and production processes into the production cycle. Bausano can, for example, recover PVC scrap mixed with textile fibres, LDPE and HDPE scrap as well as ABS or even TPU and process them with tailor-made extrusion lines to generate granules derived completely from production waste.

Bausano works by starting from the base of the customer’s project and the material to be analysed in order to re-introduce into the production supply chain something that is no longer scrap but a “new” product in granular form. These granules can then be subsequently extruded, moulded, or calendered and essentially reintroduced into the customer’s production process.

Bausano extruders can take this a step further with compounding, enabling customers to blend various additives and ingredients into the base material to further enhance the properties and value of the final product, if required.

Of course, the goal of repurposing and ultimately reducing waste goes hand-in-hand with energy-efficient machines supported by the latest technology, all made possible by Bausano’s 77 years of experience and relentless desire to make things better for its customers.

Bausano technology includes its own in-house designed Industry 4.0 software, which can be used to monitor energy consumption and other production parameters, electromagnetic induction heating applied to the barrel (Smart Energy System), and the worldwide patented multi-drive system for twin-screw machines, to name but a few.

In partnership with Intelicare, Bausano can also offer UK-based service support, remote assistance with an augmented reality app and project management in collaboration with a dedicated UK & Ireland technical manager.

Furthermore, all Bausano components (and even aesthetics) can be fully customised, thanks to in-house design and production capabilities dedicated to each individual customer project. This is one reason why Bausano is viewed by its customers as a partner and collaborator, taking responsibility for production efficiency. In-house production allows Bausano to hold stock of all spare parts, even on machines that have been in production for 10 or 20 years, for immediate customer support.

Finally, Bausano’s collaboration with the RECIPLAST project allows, along with other companies in the plastic supply chain, to test its systems on various types of scrap, such as bumpers, to recover them and give them new life.

Bausano technology and expertise can therefore support customers to turn production scrap into a business opportunity and enter the virtuous world of the circular economy.