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Extruder Head

Bausano renews its extrusion lines for pipes

Bausano renews its extrusion lines for pipes with a completely revamped range for the extrusion of soft and rigid, transparent, filled or press-filled PVC, PP and PE pipes in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of manufacturers for excellent melt homogeneity, flexible processes, maximised output and reduced energy consumption.

State-of-the-art heads and increased outputs

The main innovations include the launch of a new generation of extrusion heads, which are designed and manufactured in-house at Bausano’s Italian extrusion headquarters.

Specifically, for the manufacture of PVC pipes, Bausano offers a range of models, either double (up to 110 mm) or single outlet (from 10 to 800 mm), for a maximum output of 2,000 kg/h. As for the extrusion of polyolefin (PO) pipes, Bausano’s technology is designed to ensure high hourly throughput with reduced energy consumption.

The heads have a compact design for single-layer or multilayer production: radial spiral, ensuring better melt distribution within a smaller volume and with reduced pressure build-up, or helical spiral. These are modular systems where the number of layers can be easily increased by adding special modules.

A combination of both, helical and radial, is also possible depending on the structure of the pipe, materials and dimensions. The offer also includes an internal air pipe cooling system, which cools the pipes more quickly, thus improving their quality and taking up less space when installing the line.

Bausano’s ranges also include the innovative Smart Energy System for heating the cylinder through an electromagnetic field, thus saving up to 35% on energy. Twin-screw extruders are also equipped with the worldwide patented multi-drive system.

The Bausano lines also include new end-of-line accessories such as cooling and calibration benches made of stainless steel, which are crucial to the success of the whole extrusion process, with pipes that are cut to size and have a flawless surface.

Specifically, the tank for PVC allows for quick and accurate positioning during processing due to the three axes, which can be easily adjusted, and the motorised longitudinal movement. In the case of PO pipes, the benches are designed to calibrate and cool a wide range of diameters between 5 and 1600 mm.

Last but not least, a dual chamber configuration is available for both applications, with temperature and water level control, which allows different vacuum conditions to be created as required.

We made the decision to upgrade our extrusion lines for PVC, PE and PP pipes as we wanted to meet the demands of manufacturers that always need to ensure that their supplies are in compliance with technical requirements, without compromising on efficiency and performance.

The design of the new extrusion heads and end-of-line accessories stems from our unique ability to combine process consulting, technological expertise and a passion for innovation. Our people are the driving force behind our efforts, which have the ultimate goal of streamlining our customers’ industrial processes and of ensuring the highest possible level of performance.’

Clemente Bausano, Vice President of Bausano.