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Did you know there is a more efficient way to test your material?

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With the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax by the UK government in April 2022, companies that produce plastic packaging need to consider ways to minimise their tax liability. One of the most effective ways to do this is by ensuring that any recycled plastic material they use meets the necessary quality standards. This is where Fontijne Presses come in, as they can be used to batch test material for quality control purposes.

Fontijne Presses are hydraulic presses often used in the plastics and rubber industries to test the quality of materials. There are a number of different models, each with different platen size, press force and temperature range, allowing companies to test the strength, durability, and other properties of their products. Samples produced by this method are also free of stresses that other methods inherently have. By using a Fontijne Press, companies can test a small amount of material and determine its suitability for use in their products. This can save companies both time and money, as they do not need to complete a full production run to test the material. Instead by using Fontijne Presses, companies can test the quality of their recycled material before it is used in production. This can help to identify any defects, weaknesses or contamination in the material and ensure that it meets the necessary standards. Companies can also use the data generated from the testing to improve their recycling processes and ensure that they produce high-quality recycled material consistently.

Fontijne Presses are also popular for their modern and slim design, small footprint, and customisable options to suit all laboratory set-ups. The range includes a complete portfolio with automated and manual laboratory presses available, and all automatic presses include intuitive and easy to use software.

Based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, for more than 100 years Fontijne Presses have been used in the polymer processing, rubber, composites laminating and wood industry, as well as being extensively used in universities and research centres. Intelicare have been partnered with Fontijne since 2007, bringing their specialised and highly praised laboratory platen presses to UK manufacturing.

Fontijne Presses and Your Project
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For more information about what is important to Intelicare you can find out more About Us.

For more information about what is important to Intelicare you can find out more About Us.

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