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Frigosystem help customers make energy savings

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Frigosystem Eco Friendly

Temperature Control experts Frigosystem’s innovative RACA Plus Energy D & DHT contains new free heat recovery technology from the process cooling.

In the RACA Plus Energy D & DHT chillers, heat generated by compressors can be used to heat water for use in central heating and hot water taps. The refrigeration circuit dissipates heat which, in many applications, can be fully or at least partially recovered by means of a desuperheater. The heat recovery is a further system at the customer’s disposal to increase output and further reduce energy costs. The basic version can recover heat up to 40C, with Frigosystem now launching a configuration with heat recovery up to 80C. There is a great demand in having heating and cooling at the same time, with huge energy savings in many industrial applications, including washing and recycling and other plastics processes.

Check out the video below to learn about the process:

Benefits – saving you energy, money and saving the planet

  • Up to 50% energy saving versus electrical heating
  • Save up to 1m³ on natural gas for each 8kW of recovered heat
  • Heat recovery – heat generated by compressors can be used to heat water for use in central heating and hot water taps
  • Quiet and super quiet compressor options
  • Inverter control pumps can be switched to only work in partial load if this is all that is required, saving even more energy
  • Suitable for use across multiple industries, including recycling, medical, food manufacture and plastics

RACA Plus Energy D

Free Heat up to +60°C
Max heat generation: 30% of the cooling capacity

RACA Plus Energy DHT

Free heat up to 80°C
Max heat generation: 70% of the cooling capacity

Frigosystem RACA Plus Energy D & DHT

Additional Free Cooling
In addition to heat recovery, the RACA Plus Energy D & DHT further reduce your energy costs by harnessing low ambient air temperature – when this is achieved the compressors are switched out the circuit, and cooling is achieved by ambient air only. This can be integrated into the chiller or as a stand alone feature.

Available configurations:
Hydronic groups are available in the following configurations, depending on the model:

  • FT = without tank and without pump
  • FT1P = 1 pump, without tank
  • FT2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), without tank
  • 1P = 1 pump, with tank
  • 2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), with tank

If you’re looking to save energy, expand your business, or looking for an upgrade, to discuss how Frigosystem and Intelicare can help you find the perfect temperature control solution, contact Phil at  technical@intelicare.co.uk, or use the form below.

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