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How to expand the lifetime your lab press

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Fontijne Presses Oil Change

In order to keep your vehicle in proper condition and to extend the engine life, good lubrication is needed regularly – so why never exchange the oil of your hydraulic lab press? In this blog we explain how the lifetime of your lab press can easily be extended by changing its hydraulic oil every year.

Why change the hydraulic oil of your lab press?

The oil types used in Fontijne presses have a good thermal and chemical stability. They minimise sludge formation and provide excellent performance according to the industry-standard ASTM D 943 TOST test (Turbine Oil Stability Test), which ensures a reliable and clean system.

However, as Fontijne laboratory platen presses are mainly used in laboratories with an ambient temperature of about 20°C, the oil is never used at the operating temperature of 60°C. The degree of moisture increases, which means that the compressibility increases, as does the risk of corrosion.

Additionally, the hydraulic oil that is inside a hydraulic tank is half of the oil that is used in the whole hydraulic system. The remaining half is stored in the hydraulic pump, the motor, the manifold, the hydraulic cylinder and the pipes and hoses.

So when oil is exchanged, not all the oil in the hydraulic system will be replaced but only the oil in the hydraulic tank. Old oil and new oil are mixed.

Since a full exchange is not possible and there is always residual oil left, we recommend never to mix two different brands or two different types of oil.

Exchanging oil every year is an inexpensive way to extend the lifetime of your hydraulic lab press.

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