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A Bausano Employee demonstrate an extrusion line

On Thursday 8th July, Bausano hosted a live virtual open day to demonstrate their innovative new technologies in pipe extrusion.

If you were able to join the event, we hope you found it informative, however, if you missed the screening on the day, you can watch a recording at the bottom of this page.

Featuring next-generation die-head technology, the open day covered Bausano’s pipe production process, culminating in a live demonstration of an MD 75/30 twin-screw extruder for PVC pressure pipe.

Designed for high extrusion output and to cover a production range from 63 to 110mm, the optimised profile of the pipe head channels assures an even melt flow, low-stress material load and excellent wall thickness distribution.

Calibrating plastic pipe has always been a challenge; therefore, the performance of an extrusion line gains definite advantages from the suitable design and correct use of calibrators and tanks. Only a precise design of the sleeves can optimise the production and avoid sticking, and therefore the tendency for ‘chatter.’ Bausano designs pipe cooling tanks up to a diameter of 800mm, and that represents a decisive variable for the efficiency of a production cycle, which is always driven by quality and production speed.

We would like to thank Bausano for a fascinating insight into their innovative new technologies in pipe extrusion, and their factory.

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