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In the latest Digital Lab Series, Bausano host a virtual open day for PVC foam granulation line. The event includes a live test of Bausano’s MD 92/25 counter-rotating twin-screw extruder.

In this episode, we focus on Bausano’s NextMover configuration. Customers will learn about the unique features of this twin-screw counter-rotating extruder. These include the Smart Energy Induction System and worldwide patented multi-drive system. These unique features contribute to just some of the ways in which Bausano extrusion lines stand out in terms of final product quality for PVC granulation.

The Smart Energy Induction System is the principle of applying electromagnetic induction to the heating of the barrel. This system confers a number of advantages over traditional resistive heaters. These include significantly reducing component wear and up to 35% reduction in energy consumption. 

The multi-drive system is a worldwide patented innovation applied to Bausano twin-screw extruders. This transmission system is a benchmark in the world of extrusion. It works by reducing the stress on the driveshaft, gears and screws by distributing the torque over one or two pairs of counter-rotating motors. This system improves reliability and performance and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.

The 45 minute virtual event includes:

How the plastic industry is responding to the day-to-day challenges of working (Clemente Bausano – Vice President)

NextMover configuration – the latest Bausano innovations (Giovanni Bausano – R&D and Design Department)

Multi-Drive and Smart Energy Induction System (Alfeo Bonato- Technical Sales Manager)

Live Bausano Extruder Demonstration (Alessandro Ruotolo – Extrusion Test Manager)