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Universities and Laboratories investing in R&D technology from Fontijne Presses

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LabManual 300 & LabManual 50

Universities and laboratories across the UK and Ireland are revolutionising their R&D and quality control process by investing in the LabManual series from Fontijne Presses.

Easy to install, operate, and thanks to it’s modest footprint, the LabManual series can fit seamlessly into your lab and, depending on the model 50 or 300, can handle pressing needs up to 50kN and 300kN at 200°C or 300°C, but also allows the use of low closing forces. Whichever settings you choose, the results will prove to be accurate and consistent over time.

Furthermore, the unit’s closed hydraulics operation prevents oil from leaking. The LabManual is designed with safety in mind, while its ergonomic design and straightforward operation make life easier for laboratory technicians.Fontijne Presses’ LabManual press is the right choice for applications that need accuracy and consistency, but where the number of samples to be processed is moderate, allowing manual operation.


LabManual 50


LabManual 300

Want to see the results for yourself?
For more than 100 years, Fontijne Presses have been used in the polymer processing, rubber, composites laminating and wood industry, as well as being extensively used in universities and research centres. Fontijne Presses have critical acclaim and numerous accolades, but if you are considering a new press, there is no substitution for visiting the factory in person to see the machines and meet the team. For more information and read our article Five Reasons to Plan your Visit to Fontijne Presses.

LabManual 50 Detail
LabManual 50 Detail
LabManual 300

Want to know more?
Intelicare are the exclusive partner for Fontijne Presses in the UK and Ireland. When you invest in a press from Fontijne, you are investing in more than 100 years of experience, alongside UK based project management and aftercare. Request a technical brochure below or email paul@intelicare.co.uk to start discussing your project. You can check out the full Fontijne Presses range, and don’t forget to follow Intelicare on LinkedIn.

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