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Virtual Event: Bausano open new pipe extrusion design unit

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Virtual Event: Bausano open new pipe extrusion design unit

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Bausano open day

Extrusion experts Bausano are excited to introduce a new design office and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

To celebrate the opening of the new pipe extrusion design office, Bausano are inviting you to join them virtually for a tour of the new facility via a video to be released on 31 March 2022.

The video event includes a visit to the new company spaces, the areas dedicated to Research and Development, Training, Production and also the test of a new Extrusion Line based on MD Twin Screws Extruder producing 114mm pipes.

The Pipe Extrusion Line design ensures:
• proper polymer flow in the die head channels
• proper mixing and homogenisation of polymer
• adequate weight and compactness of design of the extrusion head
• protection of the surfaces of the flow channels against aggressive impact of the melt

To find out more information about the event and register to receive the video, visit the Bausano website.


Bausano opens the doors to the future of PIPE extrusion
Yuri D’Agostino – Event manager

About the Bausano Designers
Giovanni Bausano – Head of Design Department

New Pipe Die Head Generation
Mario Chiapetto – Pipe head Designer

Vacuum Calibration and Cooling tank Bausano technology
Simone Reale – Pipe Downstream Designer

114mm Pipe Extrusion Line Demonstration on a Bausano Extruder
Christian Folino – Extrusion Expert

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