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Thank you 2022!

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Thank you 2022

The Intelicare team are getting ready to take some time off for Christmas, but not before we look back at some of our highlights from a very busy year!

The Return of Events

2022 saw the return of some of our favourite events across the UK and Europe. The return of K in October saw four of our excellent suppliers showcasing their latest tech, and Intelicare’s Phil and Paul were on hand to chat to UK visitors for Bausano, Fontijne Presses, Frigosystem, and New Omap.

“This year at K visitors were spoilt for choice for stands demonstrating brand new tech. For me, the unveiling of the brand new LabTop laboratory press from Fontijne perfectly demonstrated their commitment to precision, quality, and customisation in a press that is also user and space friendly.” – Phil Jones, Technical Director, Intelicare

Intelicare and Bausano were also honoured to be selected as finalists at the Plastic Industry Awards 2022 for our work with cable management specialists, Marshall Tufflex. The project was shortlisted under two categories: Supplier Partnership – Prime Machinery, and Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Initiative.

A first for an Intelicare supplier, Bausano were the 2022 sponsors of the European PVC Industry Summit, held in London in November. Bausano’s Export Manager for the UK and Ireland, Giorgio Critelli, and Intelicare’s own Paul Jones gave a presentation on Recycling and Recovery methods of Post Industrial Plastic Scraps, which demonstrated how Bausano’s extrusion technology can make the concept of the circular economy a reality, rather than just a talking point. It was an enlightening conference, which brought together members across the whole value chain, and there were many takeaways from the presentations and discussions.

Bausano K 2022 6
Fontijne K 2022
Giorgio Critelli presenting

A year for travelling

As travel restrictions eased across the world, Intelicare were able to get back out on the road once more, doing what we love and visiting customers and suppliers. We visited many of you in your factories this year, helping you find solutions to your production requirements, and installing the latest in innovations from our suppliers.

We also took trips to Europe for training, and hosted UK manufacturers to demonstrate the advanced technology at Fontijne Presses in the Netherlands, and Bausano in Italy.

“It was great to conduct the trial and to have a factory tour to understand Bausano’s unique in-house manufacturing process. This makes us even more confident that we can work together on our new and future recycling projects. Also having the opportunity to speak to the guys on the shop floor and look at the electrical and mechanical build quality meant a lot to us from an engineering perspective.” – UK manufacturing visitor to the Bausano facility, September 2022

A Bausano Employee demonstrate an extrusion line
Fontijne Presentation
davide presenting

Brand new Technological Innovations

It has been an exciting year for Intelicare’s suppliers, with the launch of new and updated technologies aimed at addressing the most urgent needs of our customers.

In October 2022 Fontijne Presses announced their latest innovation: the new LabTop compact laboratory press series for automated use. Making its debut at K 2022, the LabTop is an automated hydraulic laboratory press, which combines the modest footprint of the manually operated LabManual machines with the automated ProView control system that is used in the LabEcon and LabPro series.
You can find out more here

Bausano’s Smart Energy Induction System aims at responding to one of the most important current issues: energy consumption. By exploiting the heating effect of a metal when subjected to a variable magnetic field, this system can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% when compared to traditional resistive heating methods – a huge saving for customers.
You can find out more here

Frigosystem also have their finger on the pulse when it comes to making the manufacturing process more sustainable, and at K they were demonstrating their new versions of their RACA PLUS ENERGY range of chillers, equipped with heat recovery. The heat recovery is a further system at the customer’s disposal to increase output and further reduce energy costs. There are huge energy savings to be made in many industrial applications, including washing and recycling and other plastics processes.
You can find out more here

Demonstrating a clear commitment to customer service this year are Ancillary specialists New Omap whose cloud based, interactive system Nebula gives customers a fast and effective response, in order to minimise machine downtime. The user can even give access to New Omap technical assistance to monitor the whole machine.
You can find out more here

LabTop protection
Bausano Smart Energy
Frigosystem High Efficiency Industrial Chiller
New Omap Nebula

What a year we’ve had! None of which would have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of our friend and colleague, Gerald Richards, who we suddenly and sadly lost in July 2022. Thank you to all who sent their messages of support at this time.

The Intelicare team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, supplier partners, and friends for a wonderful year, and we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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