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Intelicare suppliers help customers save energy costs

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Money Saving Products

You can’t escape news of further energy cost increases, and we know our customers and partners alike are feeling the strain of the rise in overheads.

Industry experts PlastikMedia write “according to a recent article supported by research from PwC 60% of manufacturers are concerned about energy blackouts, and 70% expect energy costs to increase significantly in 2023. 64% of manufacturers say that energy costs pose the biggest risk to their business“.

The PlastikMedia article from Intouch Monitoring suggests that one of the best ways manufacturers can protect themselves from increasing costs is by becoming more energy efficient. Here we look at how Intelicare partners are helping UK manufacturers save energy and costs to ensure that it is not only business as usual, but that production is actually improved and sustainable.

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Bausano Smart Energy System

Extrusion – a Smart Energy System which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%

The standard efficiency of the Bausano Smart Energy System is up to 30% higher than traditional resistive heaters, contributing to significant energy and cost savings and a subsequent reduction in both environmental impact and utility bills.

However, the benefits extend beyond efficiency into the quality of the final product, benefiting customers across the extrusion product range, including WPC, pipe, granule, profile and medical applications.

The Smart Energy Induction System can be applied to both single and twin-screw extruders to facilitate the production of a variety of polymers including PVC and polyolefins. In conjunction with the other critical extrusion components, including the multi-drive system (for twin-screw), IE4 super premium efficiency motors and industry 4.0 software, the result is not only much more efficient, but more responsive and dynamic extrusion lines.

Temperature Control experts Frigosystem’s innovative RACA Plus Energy chillers provide free cooling and heat recovery technology

In Frigosystem‘s RACA Plus Energy D & DHT chillers offer double the benefits. The chillers reduce your energy costs by harnessing low ambient air temperature, and when this is achieved the compressors are switched out the circuit, and cooling is achieved by ambient air only.

These innovative chillers also offer heat recovery. Heat generated by compressors can be used to heat water and is a further system at the customer’s disposal to increase output and reduce energy costs. The basic version can recover heat up to 40C, with Frigosystem now launching a configuration with heat recovery up to 80C. There is a great demand in having heating and cooling at the same time, with huge energy savings in many industrial applications, including washing and recycling and other plastics processes.

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Frigosystem RACA
Fontijne Presses LabEcon

Laboratory Presses that save time, money and resources

The circular economy is expanding quickly, and joining it is one of the best ways our customers can see quick and effective savings. Using waste material instead of virgin material offers the opportunity to not only save money on resources, but also makes your business more self sufficient and eco friendly.

But how do you test if the material is going to be high enough quality for your end product? With a wide range of presses available, and highly customisable options, increasingly UK manufacturers are using Fontijne laboratory presses to conduct test batches of recycled material, instead of running the material through the manufacturing process. Testing your material by running it through your production line is energy and resource heavy, and should you spot an inconsistency in the material you are left with a lost of additional waste. Instead, laboratory presses from Fontijne can be used to test small batches of the material to perform quality checks, saving money on material, energy, staffing and time.

Cost savings for your business

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You can check also out the full ranges from these costs saving Intelicare suppliers using the links below.

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